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Welcome to Spiral-stopmotion Production my name is Andrew Salfinger and I'm an 18 year old stop motion animator based in West Australia.

What is Spiral-stopmotion Production, like it says in the name were a Stop motion animation studio but we also do a number of other things ranging from games, coding, graphic design and a number of other things. I founded Spiral-stopmotion Production in late 2010 with my film Spiral that started work around 2009, since then I have worked on a number of different projects like "The Hole" "The Post Office BOOM!" "Delta Squad Z" " The unfinished Puppet" "Leave the light on (Music Video)" "Lonely" "Haru" and a number of different graphic design jobs and other things. With 2014 now here this is going to be a big year with one of are biggest film yet coming out called "Haru" and we also have some other new projects coming out laster this year, so stay tuned !

First of you might be asking what is Stop motion animation ? Well Stop motion  is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.

We at Spiral-stopmotion Production also do payed work for people so if you have an idea, film, music video or just something that you think stop motion will work great with send us a email at ceo@spiralstopmotion.com or contact@spiralstopmotion.com for more information.

Well with that out of the way why not tell you a bit about my self and how I got into the world of stop motion animation.

I first started messing around with stop motion in 2005 a week before Wallace & Gromit : The Curse of the Were-Rabbit came to cinema, I  was watching a show called Rollercoaster on ABC and after they were showing one of the old Wallace and Gromits shorts, the host Elliot  showed the basics of how to do stop motion animation after I went looking around my room some clay, lucky i was doing a diorama for school and have some left over clay, I then grab out my laptop and started to animate my first film. I fell in love with the art and new this is what I would be doing for a job.

So here we are today 2014 and still loving it I'm really exited about this year and the films to come so stay tune for whats to come.

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