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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Haru - Stop motion short film

"Haru" an upcoming stop motion short film that I am working on is now in the working and running alone nicely the project used to be called "Wake Up" so you don't have to worry the film is not dead just went under a name change. I have posted above a new poster for the film as you can see.

The film has only really just started every thing is still a WIP  so things may change, the script, puppets and sets are coming along well below I will be posting some photo of them blow of the two characters that will play a  big part in the film (these are not the final product since they are only 3d and 2d photos of the puppet, the puppets are still in the works of being made)  On other notes the filming of the project should start in a couple of months from now and I can't wait to start filing.

The hardest thing about this project so far would be writing it, the plot for this project has changed about 3 times all ready but for the best, the story in the film is coming alone really well and I think it will be one of my best films so far, can't wait to share it with you all once it is done that is.

Well this post is soon coming to and end so I have one thing left to post and that is the photo I was talking about for the puppets. The two puppet that I am showing today will be Haru (main) and Noky (main)

That's all for now, I will keep you posted as the news comes. don't forget to cheek out our FaceBook page for all the news and updates that you can't find anywhere eles about all things stop motion from the Spiral-stopmotion Production team @ http://on.fb.me/XzEYod

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