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Monday, February 18, 2013

Off Stage is in the works (new film)

Hello Spiral fans 

We have some good news for you all our next stop motion film called "Off Stage" is now in the works, the film will start filming later this month and should be done in the nest two to tree months (don't hold me on that, this date can change)

Now you might e saying, "What is Off Stage ?" well Off Stage is about a young man called Geo who was lock him self away from society, he is left to wonder inside his hind, not knowing what is real and what is not, this has made him believe and trust no one around him. How can you tell a lie to the truth, fake to reality.... is reality all in our mind, is what we see a lie and a fake trowing at our face making us believe every word is say, how can you tell, how do you know....

  That is all for this update, we will keep you posted as the news comes,
Have a nice day/night.

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