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Monday, November 19, 2012

Shooting has started !

    Our project with Clarity Way Records for  Travis T. Warren - Leave The Light On (music video), has made Spiral-stopmotion Production bloom into a much better and polished company, with the project almost done and ready for you all, we through to our self since were better at making stop motion films we should remake Delta Squad Z Reloaded, so we did.

The Filming for Delta Squad Z Reloaded will start shooting tomorrow and should be done before  December 25, yes that's right before Christmas.  So get ready to stop evil before it has the power of the rip.

About Delta Squad Z Reloaded :

Delta Squad Z Reloaded is bast in the year 2024, the nine planets of life all had the same goal, globe peace so they formed together and made the nine trust to project and save the universe but not all liked this idea, he wanted to rule and kill all who stands in his way, he is the Dark Lord. The past months all nine of the trust has vanished without a trace, all but one was left the ninth trust of planet Earth but he is no more, no one know where he is, with the war going on Earth can not spare any men so they call in Delta Squad Z to help them to find the nine trust and kill the Dark Lord.

    We will keep you posted with news as it happens.
Thank you for your time. Have a nice Day/Night.

   Andrew Salfinger
(CEO) Spiral-stopmotion Production

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