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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Delta Squad Z Reloaded is here

  Hello Spiral Production fans we have some good news, the first episode of Delta Squad Z Reloaded is here for all eyes to see. Delta Squad Z Reloaded is a mini series based of the 2005 "Delta Squad Z", it follows the story of the 9 trust, a group of alines made up from nine aliens one from each planet of life.

One day they made something, something that could wipe out universes, but they new this power should not fall in the wrong hands to they destroyed it and each of the nine had bits of the blue prints, they did this because if someone tried to make this weapon they would have to find all they nine trust and get the information  from them.

If someone got this knowledge about this weapon, our only hope is Delta Squad Z

Season 1 Episode 2 of Delta Squad Z Reloaded will be coming soon

We will keep you updated as it happens.
    Thank you for your time, Have a nice day/night.

For more info on Delta Squad Z and our work : http://bit.ly/QqNAzo

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