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Friday, May 25, 2012

Delta Squad Z Reloaded

What is Delta Squad Z Reloaded ?

Delta Squad Z Reloaded is a remake of my first stop motion film made back in 2005, you may be asking what is Delta Squad Z Reloaded ? well it's about the 9 Trust which is a group made up of 9 aliens who protect the universe. One day they made a device called a R.I.T.A.S (Rift In Time And Space) but they agreed to destroy it because they did not wan't it to fall into the wrong hands and a pieces of the blur print was giving to each of the nine, but one of then who now calls himself the Dark Lord had other ideas for it, 3 years after the R.I.T.A.S was destroy the Dark Lord has captured seven of the nine and find number eight on a small plate called earth now since he has all that he needs for his planes the earth calls for Delta Squad Z for help to try and stop the Dark Lord before it's to late....

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