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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


New info on the movie.
Well as you know in part one of the spiral movie: the awakening of the cursed child part 1 human this part is in a parallel universe so what you see in part one could happen in the season 1 universe  in the movie you will meat the Spiral team division team witch will be in season 2 and in the end of the 3rd episode you meat a ?? Man talking to the detective and in the movie you will find out how he is and some of the people are not as they seam, but in part two (called Spiral)  if you have ever been on the Spiral home page you might have seen are sloge Life Is Like a Spiral that is the same for the sires but the seasons definition of that is defiant in the season the Spiral could be a ting, person   a object… so in this part you find out about the spiral and what it is you will find abit about him in the 1st trailer for the movie.    

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